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Stacks of vinyl’s, with a lone vinyl of Perfume’s “Polygon Wave” sat on the floor. An assortment of vinyl’s on the left-hand side are stacked, with each one feature a letter, to spell the word ‘Remixes’.

When it comes to remixes of Perfume songs, we really have nobody to rely on but the fans. It’s crazy how few official remixes of Perfume songs there are. And their discography has hit a point where it needs remixing, because of the their tours. I am beyond tired of hearing the same CD version of songs every damn time. 


I found this really cool remix of “Polygon Wave”, and Amuse need to pick up the phone and commission an official remix. But they’ll probably just copyright the bitch and take it down. Although, in Amuse’s defence, they’re kinda okay with Perfume stuff on YouTube, as long as it’s not recent tour performances and / or recent televised performances. And in the case of the latter, it’s usually the television networks that are yanking the videos down.

Whenever I have mentioned Perfume using remixes on their tours, fans have said, ‘But the choreo would have to change’. Why though? As long as the song is the same length, keeps the structure and isn’t at a wildly different tempo, the routines wouldn’t need to change at all. And this remix of “Polygon Wave” is a perfect example. Especially because the original version of the song is still in the remix. It’s just bolstered by a nice set of drums and a nastier bassline. Also, would it be so bad if Perfume performed a remix of an older song with a whole new arrangement and had Mikiko give a whole new routine? Many artists end up changing some of their classic choreo when they debut newer / different versions of songs on a tour. It helps keep things fresh. After all, there’s only so much technical wizardry and crazy staging Perfume can do to keep their tours fresh. The lack of freshness being something which dampened the Plasma tour for me. But that’s a whole ‘nother post.

I’m all for consistency. But Perfume’s refusal to switch some things up is getting a little tired now. The LEAST they can to keep things fresh is to give us remixes for some of their older songs. Even if the choreo stays the exact same.

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Fan Remix: Perfume – Polygon Wave (V. Valentine Edit)