Xbox and Playground Games have narrowed the Fable release date window, as a new trailer for the revival of a beloved Xbox classic arrives.

The new trailer features Peep Show actor Matt King as Humphry, a former hero of Albion. He narrates the action-heavy, fresh look at the game.

Fable release date window confirmed with new trailer

It’s still a bit swimmy, but the Fable release date window is currently set at 2025 for Xbox and PC.

Chck out the trailer for a taste of things to come in Fable.

”What does it mean to be a hero? In last year’s trailer, that question was answered by Dave, a gardener-turned-giant with a chip on his shoulder. This year, we get a much darker take from Humphry, played by the British comedy actor Matt King. Humphry was once Albion’s greatest Hero, but those glory days are long gone. In Fable, Humphry will be forced out of retirement when a mysterious figure from his past threatens the very existence of Albion.”

In addition to all this fresh Fable news, there came more. Playground Games is collaborating with Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal on the project. It’s an interesting, and potentially exciting union of specialists in immersive sims and racing games creating a fantasy RPG.

Hopefully, the Fable release date window will remain in 2025 when we get to see how that works out. It will launch Day One on Xbox Game Pass.

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Fable Release Date Window Narrowed for Revival of Classic Xbox Game