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Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors who helmed several big Marvel movies over the years including Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, seem to have no problem jumping over to DC Studios to direct a DC film under the new leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran.

During a recent interview with CB, when they were asked about the possibility of directing a DC movie, Joe Russo responded, saying:

“James over there running it, it’d be a no-brainer. We love him to death, we love the direction he’s going to take that world in. You know he’s going to be inventive with it.”

The filmmakers also shared that Batman was their all-time favorite DC character, and admitted that was an “obvious answer.” There is a new Batman movie in development titled The Brave and the Bold, but as of right now, no director is attached to the film, so they could actually direct a Batman movie if they throw their hat into the ring. If they don’t do a Batman movie, though, there are plenty of other characters for them to play with if they ever did direct a DC movie.

When previously talking about The Brave and the Bold, Gunn shared that it would introduce Damian Wayne as Robin, “who is a little son of a bitch, assassin murderer, who he unwittingly takes on, who’s Batman’s actual son that he doesn’t know exists for the first eight to 10 years of his life, and he brings into his life and this is a story. It’s a very strange sort of father son story about the two of them. And it’s based on Grant Morrison’s run on the Batman. There’s a couple of comic book writers that have been exceptionally influential on our stuff and Grant Morrison and Tom King are probably the two primary ones.”

The Russos have been doing their own thing since Endgame and have been making big-budget movies for Netflix. The are also currently producing a live-action Hercules movie for Disney. I have no idea if they will ever come back to play in the Marvel sandbox again after Endgame. They’ve spent a lot of time playing with Marvel, and it seems like jumping over the DC would be more appealing for them because it’s a different superhero sandbox to play in.

If the Russos ever did come over to DC, what characters would you like to see them play with in a movie?

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