Emma Stone is not even 30 years old, but she is already one of the most (if not THE MOST) famous actress in Hollywood. She was nominated for Golden Globe for her movie “Easy A” (2010). Just like any other celebrity, she changes her looks once in a while. Well, let’s investigate 🙂

April 2006: Emma is 18 years old and just starting her career. Half chestnut – half red hair color with a fringe, which makes her even younger than she is.

April 2007: Emma dyes her hair in full-red which has become her ‘trademark’ ever since.

July 2007: Cute Emma clipped her fringe back, and as a result she looked like a teenager.

July 2008: Although the red-ish color is still visible, Emma dyed her hair in a darker red color. The sidewise fringe makes her extra gorgeous and hot.

November 2009: Emma curled her volumized heavy curls, which made her look STUNNING.

December 2010: As for a 22-year-old, Emma made a pretty brave decision to dye her hair in blonde AND cut her hair.

April 2011: Emma continues to dye her hair while bringing back the curls and length which definitely suits her.

May 2011: Emma’s hair became a little darker again.

June 2011: Emma came back to her (and our) favorite red color. That’s right, Emma!

January 2012: But Emma had her red color for only half a year. Then she decided to yet again try being a blonde. Her freckles and the lipstick color reminds us of the 40’s.

January 2012: Then SUDDENLY in just 2 weeks she brought her red color back.

Emma Stone 2012 May 2012: Aaaand back to being blonde again.

Emma Stone 2012 June 2012: Cute Emma tried herself in the femme fatale look. Let’s face it: she surprised us this time!

Emma Stone 2013 January 2013: Emma brought her stylish fringe back and looked cuter than ever.

Emma Stone 2013 May 2013: Emma became an even blondier blonde. Well, she’s cute. And the volumized curls suit her.

Emma Stone 2014 March 2014: Emma turned red again! And this time she had a bob hairstyle.

Emma Stone 2014 April 2014: A very ordinary hair color and an ordinary no-frills hairstyle.

Emma Stone 2015 February 2015: STUNNING EMMA at the Oscars 2015. Just look how classy and gorgeous she looks.

Emma Stone 2016August 2016: Emma Stone at la la land premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

Emma Stone 2017 February 2017: Emma Stone Oscar Red Carpet Arrival

Emma Stone 2018February 2018: Elegant style at the Oscars.

Emma Stone 2019 Finally at the 2019 Golden Globe looking fabulous as ever.

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Emma Stone: Hair Transformation 2006-2019