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Relive Frieren’s most graceful act in a plush toy, pin, and more

So far, the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime has had a number of memorable scenes (Spoilers ahead for the most current episodes). There’s Stark defeating a dragon more than 50x his size in episode 6, Fern keeping her cool (and her mana at minimum level) while fighting Lügner in episode 9, Frieren effortlessly defeating Aura in episode 10, and Frieren unleashing her deadly secret weapon — the flying kiss — in episode 13. Of course, Himmel’s “silent proposal” to Frieren in episode 14 left everybody in love and broken hearted at the same time. But what definitely struck and left an impression on everybody right from episode 1 is this scene:

The great mage Frieren always getting fooled and eaten by the Mimic is now one of the best running jokes of the series. Proof is the steady release of every Frieren-Mimic merchandise there is in the Japanese market now. These are just a few of them.

Sega in Japan announced this Frieren-Mimic plush UFO Catcher Prize in October, which will release in 2024.

FuRyu also released two kinds of chest storage boxes inspired from the anime. The chest is roughly 20 centimeters in size, and as demonstrated in the second image, you can properly put your Frieren plush toy in it.

Frieren-Mimic is also included in this Rubber Mascot Body Collection, which will be on sale by late May 2024.

Beyonity in Japan also released their own line of pins inspired by the anime, and look who’s getting eaten by the Mimic again!

The Frieren-Mimic joke will probably last as long as Frieren lives. Even the anime’s opening song artist YOASOBI can’t help but chime in.

We all laugh at how gullible Frieren is when it comes to the Mimic, so surely, people like us who know better, will not be easily tricked. Especially when we are presented with an image full of limited time (until December 20 only) QR codes, and it says, “Inside this is a precious grimoire.”

Image via Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End franchise’s Twitter account

We are not as gullible as Frieren, are we?

Sources: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End franchise‘s Twitter account, Sega Prize’s Twitter account

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Different Merch to Remind Us How Gullible Frieren is When it Comes to the Mimic – Interest