The Fall Guy sees Ryan Gosling play the role of a stuntman and it’s left some fans curious about whether he does his own stunts in the movie. Many famous movie stars like Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan for performing their own stunts in their films.

So did Ryan Gosling perform all of his own stuntwork or did he take the help of stuntmen? Here is everything you need to know.

Did Ryan Gosling do all of his stunts in The Fall Guy?

Ryan Gosling did not do all of his stunts in The Fall Guy. He only performed some stunts while his stunt doubles performed the other stunts in the movie.

As per NPR, the stuntwork Ryan Gosling performed by himself included falling backward from a 12-story building and riding on a metal plate that was being pulled behind a truck on the Sydney Harbour bridge, among other sequences.

The stunt involving falling backwards from a 12-story building seemingly scared Ryan Gosling who addressed the fear in a recent Wall Street Journal Magazine interview.

However, Ryan Gosling’s stunt doubles in the film Ben Jenkin, Troy Brown, Justin Eaton, and Logan Holladay, also contributed to The Fall Guy’s stuntwork. This included breaking a Guinness World Record for the number of cannon rolls achieved in a driving stunt.

The Fall Guy has been praised by critics for its action sequences and stunts and producers David Leitch and Kelly McCormick revealed in an Entertainment Weekly interview that the film was a “love letter” to stunts.

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Did Ryan Gosling Do His Own Stunts?