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「The Reincarnation-転生-」 (Tensei)

Ahh spring. Isekai. Romance. Whatever you want to call the latest Gundam concoction. You know what’s missing? That’s right, harem ecchi shenanigans plentiful, bloody action. If the latest Demon Slayers season isn’t enough to satiate the bloodlust consider giving Dead Mount Death Play a whirl because this is certainly got those bases covered.

As delved into in the RC Preview, DMDP can be considered a ‘reverse’ isekai akin to Hataraku Maou-sama or any one of the (increasing) array of comedic fantasies where otherworldly beings find themselves smack dab in the middle of modern Earth life. The latest example is the Corpse God (Sakakihara Yuuki), a wickedly power necromancer who wound up getting cornered and fought against by the Church’s own Calamity Crusher (Kusao Takeshi), a man with some similar abilities who yet fights to eradicate beings like the Corpse God. Cue some fighting, a little elaboration, and the Corpse God realizing he’s going to lose and therefore deciding to fling his soul literally across spacetime to achieve his dream of a peaceful life. An action which just so happens to land him in the body of the recently deceased Shinoyama Polka, a Japanese kid killed through a deliberate hit job for reasons unclear. Oh yes, if you’re thinking this is going to get unhinged in a rush you certainly have your predictive skills up to par.

Case in point of how crazy DMDP will be comes courtesy of both art/animation and Corpse God-cum-Polka’s new real-world circumstances. The very vivid spilling of blood and pointed slaughter preempting the showdown with Calamity Crusher for example succinctly indicates this one won’t be holding back in the visuals department and will be dominated by more expressive action sequences. You want gruesome? You’ve come to the right place. Proving this in spades too is the welcoming committee the new Polka got on Earth, with the old Polka’s killer Sakimiya Misaki (Minase Inori) going all out on the crazy in round two thanks to psychopathic insanity and some more choice action sequences to flesh out expectations. Sure, Misaki may technically have been offed already in one hell of a finisher – but we’re dealing with a necromancer here so rest assured the resident yandere won’t be staying dead for long. After all, you don’t let this sort of character go to waste that easy.

While a few more episodes will be needed to get a proper handle on just what DMDP will be about, this opener has pretty well established the baseline and given some very nice hints of the carnage to come. Between mystery hit job and assassin crew out to finish what they’ve been paid to do there’s also Calamity Crusher and the otherworld Church who most definitely won’t let Corpse God rest once they learn the truth. Tack on Corpse God’s own philosophy about life and his goal of easy living and not hard seeing where conflict here is going to arise.

Simply a matter of seeing just how wild things get on the path to peace.


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OP: 「ネロ」 (Nero) by Sou


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