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At this year’s PAX Unplugged—a special edition of PAX dedicated to tabletop games—Wizards of the Coast’s designers presented a panel celebrating the upcoming 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons. At the end of that panel they looked ahead to 2024 and the upcoming Revised editions of the core rulebooks, previously codenamed OneD&D.

The focus was on the first of the three, the Player’s Handbook. “This Player’s Handbook will be the biggest Player’s Handbook that D&D has ever had,” said game design architect Jeremy Crawford. “Not only is it the biggest in terms of number of pages, it will have more subclasses than Player’s Handbooks have ever had. It has new spells, new feats, new weapon rules—including the weapon mastery options that many of you have playtested in Unearthed Arcana. And also mountains of brand new art.”

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D&D’s Revised Player’s Handbook ‘will be the biggest Player’s Handbook that D&D has ever had’, and like all the Revised core books will be compatible with the current edition