The CW’s Gotham Knights is a fictional drama series based on characters from DC Comics. The show takes place in the Batman universe and follows the lives of several Gotham City residents, including a group of vigilantes who band together to protect their city following Batman’s apparent death.

To begin, if you are one of the few people who are unfamiliar with the DC Universe and, in particular, Batman, then watching this show should be a breeze. Because you haven’t been tainted by previous incarnations of some of the characters. For those who are unfamiliar with the DC universe, the Multiverse is a concept that is essential when watching this series or any other DC universe Intellectual Property (IP).

What Is The Multiverse

The concept of the Multiverse refers to the existence of multiple parallel universes within a larger universe. The Multiverse is a key aspect of storytelling in the DC Universe, featuring numerous alternate realities and timelines that coexist with the main DC Universe. Each universe has its own version of the DC characters, each with its own set of origins, personalities, and storylines. These universes can communicate with one another via a variety of means, such as dimensional portals or cosmic events. As a result, DC can tell a diverse range of stories, exploring various possibilities and variations of its characters and concepts.

The Old New Gotham

The CW Gotham Knights show is a separate multiverse from the main universe. Turner Hayes (Oscar Morgan) was adopted by David Millers’s Bruce Wayne after his parents were murdered. Taking him from Gotham City’s darkest slums to the equally dark pinnacle of Gotham’s elite society. There he appears to have it all: status, fame, and complete access to Wayne Manor. So throws a party at the Manor, where he meets a spectacled female student named Carrie Kelly (Navia Robinson). We also learn about his relationship with his closest friend Stephanie Brown (Anna Lore).

The Crux

While this is going on, three thieves break into Wayne’s office in Wayne Tower: Harper Row (Fallon Smythe), her brother Cullen (Tyler DiChiara), and Duela (Olivia Rose Keegan), who turns out to be the Joker’s daughter. Harper opens the safe only to find an old gun inside. They then notice a shattered window with the words “YOUR BAT IS DEAD” scrawled in red on it. They’re being set up as patsies because Bruce Wayne is dead on the ground, wearing his Batman cowl.
District Attorney Harvey Dent (Misha Collins), a personal friend of the Wayne family, is in charge of the investigation. He then reveals to Turner that his father and Batman are two sides of the same coin. So one thing led to another, and Turner is now being held responsible for Wayne’s murder. There’s a collaboration, a breakout, and the introduction of the Court of Owls, an ancient secret society.

The Gotham Potential???

The dialogue is a little off at times, and Turner’s delivery alternates between wooden and inspired. This disrupts the immersion required to fully enjoy the show. Even though she is the Joker’s scion, Keegans’ portrayal of Duela appears a little over the top at times. The brilliant Misha Collins was one of the reasons I even considered watching the series. I enjoyed his portrayal of the lost angel Castiel in Supernatural, and he delivers as Harvey Dent as well. A world-weary district attorney in DC’s arguably most crime-infested city, struggling to stay on the true and narrow path but gradually deviating from it.

Gotham Knights stunning visuals are one of its standout elements, with impressive set designs and stunning cinematography elevating the show’s dark and gritty atmosphere. The action sequences are well choreographed and executed, resulting in an adrenaline rush that keeps the show interesting.

Finally, Gotham Knights has the potential to be a fantastic series. It simply requires a nudge in the right direction in terms of acting, dialogue, and, most importantly, story construction. When it all comes together, it may receive the same acclaim as Star Girl and Superman & Lois. This is a review of the first episode.

CW’s Gotham Knights Review
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CW’s Gotham Knights Review