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Crystal Kay with a microphone and Nozomi Yamaguchi with a guitar, sat on low floor seats in a living room, performing “Boyfriend -Part II-”.

During Crystal’s time in L.A as she prepared her gigs there, she took some time with her guitarist Nozomi Yamaguchi to chill and grace us with a performance of “Boyfriend -Part 2-”. The one song which Sony Music finally decided to uploaded the official music video to back in July. And what is arguably one of Crystal Kay’s best known songs. “Koi ni Ochitara” was the commercial hit. “Kirakuni” is the song everybody talks about. But “Boyfriend -Part 2-” is the one that most feel a connection with because of the nostalgia factor and it being a song and vibe they most identify with Crystal Kay.

Unfortunately this performance of “Boyfriend -Part II-” doesn’t include the mashup / switch into PinkPanthress’ “Boy’s a Liar” that she treated fans to at one of her L.A gigs. A missed opportunity at a shot to go viral, but that’s Crystal Kay and her team for ya. Low hanging fruit, just being left there.

Now, THIS is what the fuck I am talking about. THIS is the type of shit I want to see from Crystal Kay’s YouTube channel. Crystal singing her own songs with a good mic, a musician and a cute backdrop. Not the ‘sat at a dressing table singing A Capella with the phone in my hand’ mess we were getting before. Crystal genuinely loves to sing. She stays ready, so she will sing anywhere, at any time. One of the joys of watching her Makenai Monday Instagram streams throughout 2020 and 2021 was that she would randomly break into a song. This is why I roll my eyes when she’d go stretches of uploading Vlogs where she is not singing and we are not getting full looks at performances, because it makes it look like Vlogging is her main profession and singing is something she’s trying to do on the side, which honestly isn’t far off from the truth. Because where is nationwide tour and where is the music?

Gurl, fire the whole management and marketing team.

Crystal should do a regular acoustic series for her YouTube channel. And she absolutely needs to do a lounge tour in 2024. She also needs to release a new album. It’s been almost 3 years since she released her cover album I Sing. It’s been almost 6 years since she released a studio album. It’s beyond ridiculous.

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Crystal Kay performs a chilled acoustic version of her 4Real classic, “Boyfriend -Part II-”