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Dr. STONE has its very own escape room, so Tokyo Otaku Mode had to take a crack at it to test our staff’s teamwork and puzzle-solving skills! We were invited by SCRAP to participate in Escape from the Stone Cave at Tokyo Mystery Circus in Shinjuku, which is their very first in-person event available in English since the COVID pandemic. Plus, it will run until May 28, making it perfect timing for the April release of Dr. STONE third season!

Rest assured, the game’s directions and other aspects needed to play have been fully translated into English, and we (a team of native English speakers) enjoyed our experience!

Last time we escaped from werewolves, but for Escape from the Stone Cave we helped Senku and his friends escape from a cave within 40 minutes! Your group will interact with actors, perform simple experiments, and look for clues to find your way out.

Photos provided by SCRAP, not representative of actual gameplay.

We loved the connection between written puzzles and conducting science experiments. While we would often find ourselves stuck, knowing that we could focus on another angle of the puzzle to find the solution was a relief.

Photos provided by SCRAP, not representative of actual gameplay.

There was also a good range of difficulty and variety! We think each member of your group will feel challenged, just as ours was. But with the power of teamwork, you’ll each have the chance to solve a piece of the puzzle.

Photos provided by SCRAP, not representative of actual gameplay.

There’s also a book of hints you may use if your group is stuck. Plus, if you can’t escape during the allotted 40 minutes, your group can even purchase extra time. In our case, we needed some to finish our remaining puzzles and escape.

Escape from the Stone Cave will be available to play until May 28, 2023. If you’re planning a trip to Japan or are already here, swing by Tokyo Mystery Circus for a fun challenge! Tickets can be purchased online or at the venue, and entry to the entire facility is free! So feel free to browse around the shops and the cafe! And if you can’t make it to Japan yet, try their online game kits where you and your friends can still experience the thrill of a great mystery!

This is a Tokyo Otaku Mode original article written by A. Morris.

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