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It’s ironic that one of the most violent video game genres is also one which has pulled millions of people together; ever since the early days of Fatal Fury and Street Fighter II, the humble ‘fighting game’ genre has created (and arguably ended) countless friendships.

For anybody wondering Does Switch have fighting games?, you should remember that this style of game is perfect for social multiplayer malarkey – so it should come as no surprise to learn that there are plenty of fine examples on Switch thanks to the console’s natural affinity for quick blasts of local multiplayer.

We’ve compiled a selection of the best fighters on Switch, concentrating on versus experiences and competitive slugfests. Switch’s mix of new titles, ports from other consoles, and the vintage fighters of Hamster’s ACA Neo Geo line make it a wonderful place for head-to-head fighting fans, giving you plenty of amazing options for when you simply have to take out your frustrations on somebody – anybody.

So, in no particular order, may we present our selection of the very best fighting games for Nintendo Switch

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Best Nintendo Switch Fighting Games