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It’s only been five hours into 2024 and already I am tired of seeing ‘Happy new year’. But despite my miserable ass, I am truly grateful to be here and to see the first day of a new year. I’m not sure if it’s just world affairs over the past few years or me getting older; maybe it’s a combination of the two. But I am becoming increasingly aware of how precious life is and just how short it is.

I’m shit at making new year’s resolutions, so very seldom do I even bother to. But I’ve decided to make one this year. Well, actually. I’ve decided to make two. One for this raggedy-ass blog and a personal one.

1. Post regularly on this bitch.

I often have reviews and pieces rattling around in my head, but I’m not always motivated to write them, even though they are things I really want to share.

This blog started out as just a place for me to share my thoughts on music related shit, and I still see it that way. But I do get too comfortable letting weeks pass without actually posting anything, when I know there are some of you who swing by to read what I can be bothered to post. So I need to find a groove with it all. A way to keep myself motivated to write and then post.

2. To live more.

I’ve been hiding a lot over the past few years. The past couple of years have kinda just bled together, because I wasn’t putting myself out into the world enough and truly living. 2020 gave me (bitch, it gave ALL of us) a legit reason to hide away. But even when the world opened back up, I still chose to hide away, and I’ve just been floating through the days ever since. The latter half of 2023 was the first time in a while I started to make more of an effort to hide less. So I want to continue on that journey.

I guess both of those things are quite similar, as they’re related to finding some sort of spark. So here’s to a year of us all trying to find that spark in our lives which ignites and motivates us to live more. To take advantage of the miracle that is being alive.

Happy new year.

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And a new year begins…