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An entire 76 of the 100 most-played games on Steam are either Verified or Playable on a Steam Deck (opens in new tab), a milestone that shows developers, at least, are enthusiastic about Valve’s handheld gaming PC. That probably means things are working out on the player end too, if all these people are seeing 

This Linux gaming blog Boiling Steam (opens in new tab) first noticed that of the 97 games in the top 100—removing Wallpaper Engine, Soundpad, and the Source SDK Base 2007—that 73 of them were Steam Deck playable or verified. I took this one step further, and just looked at the next three games to round out that 100—and yep, Squad (opens in new tab), Slay the Spire (opens in new tab), and Brotato all do just fine on the deck.

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76 of the top 100 most-played games on Steam are playable on a Steam Deck